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Oct 25, 2012 1:00pm EDT
election the latino vote out there in nevada. the stat tistics from boomberg news shows nevada has the largest shift since 2008. latinos cast 15% of the ballot in 2008 and three quarters voted for obama in 2008. talk about how that is impacting the election now. >> there is a huge push to turn more voters out to the polls. to play up all of the rostered issues that seem to matter the most. it's a very large population in the state, it's about 20% of the population is latino organize gin and that goes up in clark county which is where lave is which is the main population of the state. this voting block cares a lot about the economy, a lot about education and immigration disease not rank as the highest issue of interest to these voters but it becomes an issue that is an underlying across the board, are you saying the right thing on this pop sick and it could be 2/3 one these voters are split on that. this is an issue candidates on both sides have been fighting about because obama made a promise to address it his first year in office and did not do that. he said he did not have time a
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm EDT
is a diverse and varied. white catholics vote differently than latino catholics who are the fastest-growing population among catholics. recent elections give a good education -- indication of how much the catholic vote is up for grabs. in 2008, barack obama won a 54% of the catholic vote, and that approximated a percentage of his overall national vote total. in 2004, president bush won similar sized majorities in both the national boats and the catholic vote. in 2000, al gore won a slim majority of the popular vote nationally end of the catholic vote as well. in 1996, clinton won a comfortable national majority and even a better turnout among catholics. it is hard to imagine the catholic vote as a monolithic force given these varied results in the modern era. the catholic vote today is deeply divided between the major political parties. it is important to understand that diversity of that group and the challenges that any candidate faces when making special appeal to catholics. just as background, the catholic vote once was nearly monolithic. catholics were once a key constituency o
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to break. they will talk a lot about appealing to women, appealing to latinos. throughout the course of the 2012 campaign, we have heard a lot about the strategy of appealing to women and latinos to eke out a victory for democrats. host: where are the traditionally democratic and republican areas of the state? guest: denver and boulder tend to be democratic. the fifth biggest county for democrats with voter registration is el paso county. that is typically viewed as sort of a republican stronghold, and it is. increasingly, we have seen the ski area communities start to turn democratic. host: a lot of headlines and focus on early voting in this presidential contest. does colorado have it? guest: we do and we have mail in voting about two million people voted early absentee in the 2008 election. that is expected to grow to two 0.5 million this election cycle. keep in mind that colorado has about 2.8 million active voters. about three-quarters of the vote should be conducted in colorado. host: on election day, how do people vote? guest: there are three ways, optical machines, scanning m
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
throughout the state during this election, and when i speak to latino families, they want the same things we all want. i want to make sure they have a job and job security. they want to have access to affordable health care. they are interested in passing the dream act to allow kids that came here through no fault of their own and they're going to college or are serving in our military to have them pass a legal status. he voted against that act. what he is saying is that if you come back, we will support you. w-- we will deport you. i am in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and i have never heard my opponents say that before. i think it is discriminatory and unconstitutional. that is the difference between us. >> we can agree that we need immigration reform in this country. but perhaps the greenback is not the way to get that done. -- the dream act is not the way to get that done. republicans and democrats have to come together to solve this problem. talking about serving the military, i think you should have a pathway to citizenship. if you are working on your education, we should p
Oct 18, 2012 10:00am EDT
, and they tend to vote democratic. and among groups like latinos, are voting more democratic than the males. then there are younger women, and seniors. seniors are voting republicans, and obama has had a problem with seniors for some time. younger people if they vote, voting very democratic, but a big question about what the youth turnout is going to be. host: obama may not get a big backing again because only 48 percent of voters ages 18 to 24 say they will but. guest: if you look at 2010 come off-year elections, 6.6 young women who voted in 2008 did not show up in 2010. 11 million and married women who voted in 2008 did not vote in 2010. host: let me ask you their top issue. the polls that we had this morning in the papers show most important issues that impact women, and when they ask women that abortion topped the list. guest: i was flabbergasted, but it is a combination of women's issues and abortion and the economy. the new polls that are out showed that 41% of women, that their top issue is a woman's issue, abortion, birth control, and that is surprising. that is record high. there a
Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to prohibit blacks and latinos from voting, and whether that is true or not, i don't know. but that is why they say. these laws have been blocked in a lot of places for these reasons. host: charlene in milwaukee, wisconsin. democratic caller. caller: i am in my mid-50's, and i'm a democrat, retired. i have seen a lot of things that have happened in my lifetime -- civil rights, martin luther king, the whole bit. i have a real hard deal figuring out what is wrong with a lot of young blacks. because obama is in office, i guess they think that he is supposed to do everything. he is the president paid he is a black president, sure, but he is still the president. don't blame him for the misconceptions of having to have a black man in office and then being able to get a job. if obama was a white president, what would the issues truly be? i don't believe that the woman in mississippi by saying that 90% of an african-americans voted for id -- i think there must have been something attached to that amendment, or the voting bill that allowed blacks to vote for it in spite of what it meant. i think sh
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to romney's answer in immigration in the second debate, he is trying to be more palatable to latino voters to see an anti illegal immigrant stance as being more cautious out to hispanic people. it was mostly -- aimed precisely at asians. there are less concerned about illegals. there are fewer illegal asians and the idea of stapling a green card to a diploma hits the spot with many asian americans. >> if i could add what michael said about the minority of boat looking ahead, hispanics as a group have grown much faster than any of us expected looking at the census data. they still have what the great demographer at brookings calls a translation problem. the population is so young, many are not registered citizens. we expect 21 to turnout on election day. for whites that number will being 51 or 52 overall. that is an important thing to remember. this population is coming very fast and something that republicans will have to deal with that they have a translation problem. the african-american population is a slow growing population. that will affect elections going forward. henry? >> the non-
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am EDT
not want anyone mistreated. i think our hispanic and latino friends are truly wonderful people. we have got to come up with solutions. i think mitt romney will do that. and i'm in a position to help him on the judiciary committee and the finance committee. >> i wish you would have helped president obama. this is the essence of the problem. he is only going to help president romney. this is what the problem is back there. finance committee. with gov. ravi if he is president, were president obama. -- governor romneywe have becom. i will work if he is president, or president obama. in ibm, if you are in a position and you do not fix something, you are terminated. you are done. go to the ceo of the utah farm bureau. >> good to be here. our national debt is clearly burden on our country and the future financial well-being. what do you propose to do to reduce government spending, cut the debt, and secure our national security for the future? >> guyer appreciate the farm bureau. an randy was actually one of those -- my grandfather mentored from our farm in utah. and we are facing problems with the
Oct 16, 2012 1:00pm EDT
african americans and latinos and asian americans who are representing districts that are themselves not necessarily of a majority of their race. the american people are beginning to vote across racial lines, and i hope it will happen more and more. more and more women are being elected. look at all these women senate candidates we have here. and you know, according to my mother and my wife and my daughter, this world would be a lot better place if women were running it most of the time. i do think there are special experiences and judgments and backgrounds and understandings that women bring to this process, by the way. this lady said here, how have you been affected by the economy. i mean, women know what's it like to be paid an unequal amount for equal work. they know what it's like not to have flexible working hours. they know what it's like not to have family leave or childcare. so i think it would be a good thing for america if it happened. and i think it will happen in my lifetime. >> okay. i'm sorry. we have just a little bit of time left. let's try to get responses from each
Oct 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
and romney need to answer. they need to let us know if they are looking out for latinos and the need to let us know what exactly they are doing about foreign policy. guest: first dimension that the president did not do anything on immigration. there's a whole host of issues that the president did not do anything on purity did not focus on the economy, immigration. deficit. focused on his health care law. when you want to make the case for change, for firing somebody, you have to demonstrate that they have failed, and the fact is indisputable that the president failed on all of those fronts. when you look at hiring someone, you look at a resonate, you look at their history. history is a really good predictor of how someone will preform in the future. that is white pepper resonates in interviews when we hire folks. with our debt. we know this about his history. president obama never had that success. host: we are talking with lenny curry, join in us from jacksonville, fla.. we have this special one forour next call comes from florida. caller: i wanted to get some information about, i lived in
Oct 15, 2012 12:00pm EDT
-american unemployment, the lowest latino unemployment ever measured. 22 million new jobs, very low unemployment nationally. instead of ballooning the debt and multiplying it four times over, we have seen the debt actually begun to be paid down. here are some promises that i'll make to you now. i will balance the budget every year. i will pay down the debt every year. i will give middle-class americans tax cuts, meaningful ones. and i will invest in education, health care, protecting the environment and retirement security. we both made promises in this campaign. i promise you i will keep mine. group against group and bring our people together. how dow do it? you establish respect for differences. it's all too easy for somebody in the majority to say we're all the same without an understanding of the different life experience that you've had that others have h. once you have that understanding and mutual respect then we can transcend the differences of the american spirit. i don't know what affirmative access means. i know the governor is against it, i know i'm for it. i know what a hate crime
Oct 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
in illinois. but it is statewide. for the latino community. and three of obama's appointees. one was for housing development and jobs, and they had a gentleman like yourself on the show talking about where the housing was going. host: thank you. can we expand it to the national level. and as far as how you can qualify for loans. was that person? is there an average of the person qualifying for these government-backed refinancing or help when it comes to mortgages? guest: it tends to be someone who could do the paperwork first and foremost. there are restrictions in terms of who has access. in terms of which government programs to benefit from. there are more than attend. which that creates difficulty. but to look at it. they are designed to help underwater bar hours. the real fundamental issue is that not enough people in total are being helped. if you look at it, you can effectively to the refinancing. glenn hubbard, one of mitt romney's economic advisers figure out a refinancing plan that an adopted that would help 40 million people refinance. that would save them about $2,500
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
income kids, most of them have working families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal. this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home except medicaid pays for its. to the senate to ohio and is blamed the state and say your mother can stay in yours cannot? maybe worst of all, medicare provides health care to help for disabled children in homes that [inaudible] even upper-middle-class homes because this party take care of a child with autism or a developmental disability. you want to cut this ta? it is wrong. it is wrong. there is still will not be enough money to balance the budget. barack obama has a better education and health care plan. it better energy plan. we are all in this together. you are not on your own. it is consistent with good economics. shared responsibility in prosperity, not trickled down. it is consistent
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13